Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ms. Tina, Preschool Teacher

Remember when I said that I was stuck in my own head and that it was an unpleasant place for me to be?  One of the things that I've been stuck on lately is that I have financial and life dreams beyond being Ms. Tina, preschool teacher.  I don't always want to live in a friend's basement.  Someday I wouldl ike to own my own home.  I would like to be able to afford to repay my student loans (which have grown to something like thirty thousand dollars at this point).  I would like to feel respected.  One of the worst parts about being a preschool teacher is that pretty much no one respects my job.  Parents think that we're basically babysitters.  Everyone else just thinks that I play with kids all day and get paid for it.  When I'm not being all down on myself, I remember that I stand as an advocate for children.  That I give the voiceless a voice.  That I teach the builiding block of civilization (using words instead of violence to solve disagreements, toilet use, table manners, etc.).  What I need to do is either commit fully to being Ms. Tina, preschool teacher or find something else to do in order to fund my lifestyle.  For now I'm trying to commit to being a preschool teacher.  I'm focusing on the importance of my job.  I borrowed a CD called "I'm a Teacher, Not a Babysitter" full of tracks like the title one or "Powerless Children Need Powerful Friends", tracks that remind me why I became a preschool teacher in the first place.

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