Monday, May 21, 2012

My Take On The Unicorn Success Club

***This post is hugely inspired by The Bloggess and her post on The Unicorn Success Club***

So I recently found out about this awesome thing called The Color Run, which of course I wanted to do.  After all, I already know that I can do a 5k because I've done one before.  And this is a 5k with literal color explosions throughout.  So I suggested it to the friends that I walk with, as well as suggesting the perfect team name (borrowed from The Bloggess)- The Unicorn Success Club.  Later, one of those friends was talking about doing the Dirty Girl Run (which is another 5k, but this one interspersed with obstacles like a rope ladder, a mud pit, and a water pit).  I mentioned that I had also heard of this and wanted to do it.  She has since suggested that we form an AWESOME group of 5k people and start walking (and eventually running) 5k's to raise money for charity and basically be awesome.  So, I think we're doing it.  We're going to be the Unicorn Success Club and we're going to be awesome.

Dirty Girl Run
Raise money for: the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Color Run
Raise money for: charity TBA but will probably be Milwaukee based

Brookfield Zoo Run Run
Raise money for: CZS Conservation Fund

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