Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Kristin

A few days ago it was my best friend's birthday.  She decided she wanted everyone to go to a Cougars game for the event (the Cougars are a minor league baseball team- I think.  I don't really watch sports.)  So we're all walking back to the lawn seats and one of my friends* and I are basically acting like fourteen year old boys and laughing at the slightest innuendo, like when Chris mentioned he liked to mow the lawn and I was all "hee-hee, mow the lawn" and then convulsing with laughter.  And then the universe gave me an early birthday present.  The lawn we were headed to was situated so that every time we got up or sat back down we had to see this giant sign the read "Wallace Mortion Third Base Tent"** and all I can do is laugh.  Every. Single. Time. I see it.  My friend even said "ha, we all know what happens down there huh?" and made me laugh about it even harder.  What makes the whole thing even greater is that the friend who was also in a dirty mind kind of mood is generally the most...conservative of this group of friends, so I generally don't expect her to be in that kind of mood.
Also my friend J had had surgery a few days prior, but he didn't want us to treat him any differently than normal.  But all I wanted was for him to stay put and stop trying to walk around the concession-y area of the stadium (is that what it's called? As I mentioned, I don't really watch sports.)  I'm pretty sure at one point I threatened to punch him in the knee if he didn't just sit still and watch the game.

*I hope you appreciate the fact that I left you anonymous in this entry, because I would prefer to call you by name :)
**in the interest of full disclosure I should admit that I don't actually remember the male name, it was definitely a guy's name, but I don't remember what the name was.   Sorry.


  1. ...it wasn't me for sure!!! lol.

  2. Well, that friend of yours sounds super funny and unpredictable. You know, whoever she is.