Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trivia Night

Last night my friends and I went out to trivia night at our local bar, which is also one of my favorite restaurants.  Usually Kristin's brothers and Jessica's husband round out our group so that it's not quite so...estrogen-centric.  But, for a variety of reasons last night it was just us girls.  And we were awesome.  We came in fourth out of like ten, so not at the bottom of the pack at least.  We sucked at the music round (as we often do), and having at least one of the brothers would have helped us out a bit in the picture round (none of us knew who Moonlight was, and I read comic books, so...).  But fortunately one round was "cats" (the animals, not the musical) and one was bascially the nerdy book round (which, since most of us know each other through bookclub, worked out okay. 

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