Friday, June 15, 2012

Lit Fest

A few weeks ago I found out that one of my favorite bloggers(Jenny Lawson, aka the bloggess, whom I've written about before) was going to be in Chicago on her book tour (I loved her book btw).  I was very excited and for days I searched for dates and information and couldn't find anything.  And then Leah texted me "We're going to see Jenny Lawson on the tenth at two."  That's all, but it's all the information I needed.  Turns out it was a good thing Leah grabbed the tickets when she did, because by the end of that day they were sold out.  So on the tenth (which was Sunday) Leah, Jessica, and I set out to the Publisher's Row Lit Fest.  Which was awesome.  It was an amazing street fair full of tents and booths of books, often manned by authors who would sign their books for you.  There was a company that sold t-shirts that were sports shirts with author's names on the back instead of an athlete's name, and a symbol from their most famous work instead of a team symbol (i.e.a raven for Poe).  Those were awesome and I should have bought one, but I didn't because I thought I would have time to go back later after I'd seen everything.  Then we went to see Jenny who was having a moderated conversation with another author (Rachel Bersche, who wrote MWF seeking BFF which I also enjoyed).  It was everything I wanted it to be and then at the end we waited and had both authors sign books (or in my case, my nook).  Leah mentioned to Jenny that a few of us have formed the Unicorn Success Club walking club to do 5k's (as I mentioned before) and Jenny told us that when we had walked ten miles we would be in Double Unicorn Success Club.  Which a little bit made me squee.  Also, I had planned on mentioning that myself, but then I geeked out at the last minutes and couldn't really speak to the like famous and amazing author who I'm a little in awe of.   So I'm pretty pleased that Leah mentioned that.
When we got back home Leah and I went to a sushi place recommended by a three year old in my class, where the sushi comes around on a conveyor belt.  It was pretty yummy.
All in all, a great day!

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