Sunday, June 3, 2012


When I moved in with Leah, between the two of us we had four pets.  Leah had two cats (Mad Catter and Mia) and a dog that looks like an ewok (Zoe) and I have my darling cat (Buffi the Mouse Slayer).  Sadly we are now down to three pets because Mad Catter was nineteen and the time eventually came that Leah had to put her down.  So now that everyone is comfortable with the new arrangement, Leah needs to redecorate her upstairs in a pretty serious way (nineteen year old cats are like hundred year old people, but they don't make Depends for cats.  If you know what I mean.)  So two weekends ago we started moving furniture and painting.  Then we painted after work Monday through Wednesday.  Then we declared a break and basically didn't move for a few hours.  Then we picked up our rollers again and finished off the painting.  And now everything looks great.  Except we pulled up the carpet before teh painting and the new carpet doesn't come until next weekend.  Which means that poor Leah is living on a mattress and box spring on the floor of the guest room, surrounded by pretty much every piece of furniture from all the upstairs rooms (an office, a guest room, and her bedroom) surrounding her until she literally has to sit on the foot of the bed and scoot back into bed at night.  And she's stuck like that for another week.
So, in that context, let me tell you the hilarious thing that happened a few nights ago.  Leah and I were standing in the kitchen, still in our painting clothes.  Which for me is an old pair of workout shorts, tied tight, and an over size t-shirt.  Zoe was so excited to see us in a palce where we could pay attention to her and she started jumping at me.  Which was fine.  Until she started tugging on my shorts and I realized that while she was jumping she had managed to untie my shorts, so when she started tugging, she pulled my pants off.  In the middle of the kitchen.  In front of the window.  While Leah stood there.  Watching me.  So I pulled my pants back up and tied them.  But not tight enough because Zoe started tugging again, and totally pulled my pants down again.  Awesome.

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