Sunday, April 3, 2011


Yesterday was the day Kristin finally got to actually use her Christmas present. If you don’t know, a bunch of her family and I split the cost of a “Wild Encounter” at the zoo. This is basically a chance to be a zoo keeper for a few hours and help care for your favorite animal. Kristin’s is the penguin, so that’s what we got her. Her mom, Grandma and I were going to the zoo also, to take pictures of the five minutes in the public eye portion of the program, and also to have fun at the zoo, but since she had to be there before the zoo even opened, we left at 7:30. On a Saturday morning. When I was sick.
Then we left the zoo at 3:30 so we could be back at my house in time to change and leave to see a play. Kristin and I LOVE the Reduced Shakespeare Company, which is a group of 3 guys who put on these “reduced” plays. They started with “The Complete William Shakespeare, Abridged” where they go through all of Shakespeare’s plays in just under 2 hours. The one we saw last night was “The Complete History of Sports, Abridged” every sport ever played in just under 2 hours. It was awesome. After the show I made fun of Kristin for spelling her name out when the guys were autographing our playbills, so the guy spelled mine wrong (Teena) to show me how it feels. Ha! That’s exactly what I wanted!!
Today we went English Country dancing again. That was also a ton of fun, but now I’m exhausted. My throat is on fire from talking and laughing and coughing all weekend (plus being out in the cool breeze yesterday), and I have to go back to work tomorrow. Thank goodness for next weekend, when I take a day off work to go stay in a hotel in Wisconsin for no good reason at all, except I want a break!

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