Monday, April 5, 2010

Fresh beginnings

I’ve blogged my bibliophile bet for several months now, and the whole time I’ve wanted to start a blog where I could write about my life not just what I’m reading. Somehow, every time I sat down to do so, thinking of the title is what stumped me and I’d give up. Therefore, I decided to forego the title and just start.
I’ve been so focused on summer the last few months, I managed to completely forget that my nephew’s first birthday is in less than two weeks. My mom and I are taking Nick, Naty, Mandy and Stevo all to Brookfield Zoo and suddenly lesson plans and field trips in Elgin with my class is way less entertaining. In case you don’t know, my summer focus is because my favorite part of my job is coming up as soon as school is over.
I teach the after school program at my work during the school year and when school is over my whole class finally shows up, many of whom don’t come during the year. My boss pretty much lets me do whatever I want with them, so I’ve planned a dozen field trips and had to figure out all our art projects and stuff which is totally fun. But Nick is waaay better!
I’ve been working extra hours at work for the last two weeks. I usually work 2-6 during the school year, so the 9-6 thing had been crazy. On top of that is the issue of class. As I mentioned I teach school agers, but I’ve been subbing for another teacher and had three year olds all week. Do you know what three year olds are like? I’m exhausted! Tomorrow, I return to my regularly scheduled hours, thank goodness!
I just celebrated Easter with my best friend (Hi best friend!) and her family. I spend most major holidays with them, and it’s been brought to my attention that it’s a little weird that I spend so much time with them. Whatever, I have fun with them. Their family is so loud and awesome I can’t help but find myself in a great mood.

When I first posted, I included a poll which is now closed. I asked “Is celebrating my holidays with a friend weird?”
The results are as follows…
Most definitely 0%
A little, but whatever works 66%
Not at all 33%

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