Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trouble at Work

Today I found out that one of my students told another teacher that he wanted to be in my class because I would let him do whatever he wanted (i.e. hit another child) and would not make him do any work. Technically speaking, he is correct about the work thing, because I am his teacher in the afternoon when I teach daycare and he was talking to his preschool teacher. She teaches them shapes and colors and letters and stuff, I teach them social skills like how to play games without crying when they lose. Keep in mind that he spent most of yesterday in timeout because every time I let him up he hit someone else. Ms. Tina is not pleased!!!
As for the rest of my class, I had to explain to them (again) that privileges are for big kids and will be revoked if they insist on acting like two year olds. Sadly, we have had to spend two days in our classroom because the only place we can go outside before four forty five is the front lawn- decidedly a privilege. Hopefully they will choose to behave properly the rest of the week because I really want to watch Back to the Future 2 on Friday (we watched the original last week) and we can’t watch PG movies if they don’t have any privileges. See, I’m punishing myself too!

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