Saturday, April 17, 2010

Grocery shopping?

Oh holy beejeezus! My mom and I planned on going to the grocery store tonight, which was good because we have no food but I didn’t want to go before work because I went to bed at like three this morning, so I wanted to sleep. Yet, at quarter to eight this morning I hear my mom hollering down to me that she’s leaving for the grocery store and do I want to come with. Of course I do, because mom can’t be trusted to go grocery shopping alone. On the other hand my bed is so soft and warm and…fine all right I’m coming. So we leave and as soon as we walk out she tells me we’re running to the Sears outlet (it’s a block away) and looking for a dishwasher, which THANK God because we pretty much have to wash our dishes before we put them in the washer or they come out as dirty as when we put them in, but there’s nothing we like. I mention that I’m starving and she says we’ll get coffee and muffins by the grocery store, but instead we stop at the regular Sears for a dishwasher. At ELEVEN THIRTY we finally have bought a dishwasher (huge line, thanks to the government rebate, we were like number 129 and they were on 35 when we walked in) and my Gram has joined us, so we have to wait for her to pay. Finally we’re ready to go and decide to stop at Olive Garden for lunch. Just as we’re finishing lunch and getting ready to go to the grocery store (remember the reason I got out of bed, thinking I’d be home for a nap by nine thirty?) and my mom gets a call. About a month ago she tried to go back to Men’s Wearhouse where she was working when my dad died. She’s been unemployed for about a year, and since she broke up with Pete, she had to find a job. Sadly her old district manager hated her (because she took a few months leave when my dad died) so even though he’s now a store manager he told the new regional manager (are there enough managers in this story?) not to let any of the other store managers hire her back (two of them were trying to). ANYWAY, one of those store managers called her during lunch and said they needed to talk and could she be out there by one (this was at say noon). Yeah she could, if we didn’t go to the grocery store, which is why I got out of bed! So we decide to go when I get off work. Except she’s not home when I get home, so I call her up and she tells me she’s gone to some party with Pete, who she broke up with but is still living in our house. Later she starts texting me because she’s bored and the party sucks (then why did she go??). She got home at like ten and now we didn’t go to the grocery store tonight. Instead we have to go super early tomorrow because we don’t have the stuff to pack lunches for the zoo. So even though we’re not leaving for the zoo until ten, I have to be up by seven thirty tomorrow. Is it okay if I join the kids in a pre-zoo nap on the way? It’s like an hour drive, so I just might! And now it’s midnight, so I’m off to bed. Happy weekend people!

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