Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nappy time

Last night I went to bed at about four thirty this morning. At eight fifty this morning, my phone rang. As I was still very much asleep, I did not look at my caller ID and so I think I answered it thusly, “Ehhugh”. It was my boss. Head, meet wall. Repeatedly. I am clearly a moron. So she asks me if I want to come in early. Since I have never said no to extra hours, I said “Sure, how early?” “How soon can you get here?” she asks me. I wanted to say that I could get there at one forty five and not a second earlier, but that’s not real helpful for her. So up I got. I punched in at nine twenty three. By ten I desperately wanted a nap. Thank goodness I stupidly assumed it would be as nice today as it was yesterday when I was hot in a long skirt and tank top. I wore a knee length dress with shorts beneath for modesty. I live in the Midwest. I should have worn full length jeans, it was freezing. But at least I stayed awake right? Long story short in the next two weeks I will be working sixty three and a half hours when I normally work forty in two weeks. I guess its good practice for summer break when I double my hours. I just realized that it’s like five weeks away.
And Sarah? Yes you are that friend!

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  1. Hooray for more hours! More hours= more money. :) That's a blessing, huh?

    Anyway; does this put a damper on our lunch plans next week? Just let me know... I can do supper too. :)