Thursday, April 15, 2010

We're in the Paper!!

As I mentioned on Tuesday my class went to a photo-shoot for a “save our zoo” article in our local paper. Today the article came out, and we look fabulous! If you want to read the whole article, you can follow the link below. I also included the photo in my photos section as well as below, so look wherever you want. Tomorrow we get to watch Back to the Future III so I’m uber excited about that. Now if I could just interest them in Star Wars!,3_1_EL15_06ZOO_S1-100415.article

Other than that, nothing much going on lately. EXCEPT, except… My mom bought the zoo passes she’s been promising for over a year, today. I physically dragged her to the library so we could print off the temporary pass, and we’re definitely set for Saturday. Unless is rains, which would SUCK but at least now it wouldn’t ruin my entire summer.
BTW, I like to use the next blog function occasionally to check out what other people are blogging about, and to see if there are any cool places for backgrounds that I didn’t know about. Which, I really like the background I found just today. Isn’t it pretty? And I found the funniest blog written by a diplomat. AS far as I can tell she’s been stationed in Sudan (which = AWESOME) and once lived in Pakistan. So that’s fun. Seriously, if you want a laugh (I definitely laugh out loud at least when I read) check out Facts are Strictly Optional in my blog list.

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