Friday, April 23, 2010

Shopping Catastrophe

Last Friday I did some internet shopping and spent $135 on new summer clothes. It felt like a lot of money, but since I had just about no clothes for summer, I decided to go ahead and spend the money. Today I got the package. Seven pairs of shorts and four tank tops and not a SINGLE thing fit! Everything was either fine in the waist and huge from there down (shorts) or to tight in the bust and waaay to big at the waist (tops). I really do have that hour glass figure that people say is the ideal, but it is not the ideal. Instead I can never find clothes that fit, perhaps because my hourglass is perhaps more of a “day”-glass than hour. So I ran off to the mall to return the clothes (this is why I only buy things that can be returned to the actual store) and find a few things to lift my spirits. I bought a jacket, some jewelry, and a new sarong. I love sarongs, they always fit! Then I came home and looked up my bank account to see what kind of damage I did to it. Shoot! The credit won’t show up for a few days at least but the debits showed up tonight, so now I have like forty some dollars in the bank and I have to go to dinner and Kristin’s show tomorrow (at least thirty dollars) plus I offered to pick up dinner for Kristin before book club on Monday. Uhh... also the bank has for some reason decided to charge me three times for the $119 that was my pants order. That's $240 I'm gonna need back because it's my vacay money!

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  1. Can you send the clothes back?

    I know this sounds weird, but have you tried Goodwill??? :) You can try the clothes on there, and they're cheap!!! :)