Monday, April 12, 2010

What's up with me today

Whew I’m exhausted today! Saturday night I was up until about four because I couldn’t sleep. Then my sister-in-law called me at like nine fifteen because she needed someone to watch Nick while she took Naty to urgent care. Turns out my poor three year old niece has strep throat. Poor kid has been basically sick since Christmas. I just hope that she’s feeling better for Saturday when we are going to the zoo for Nick’s first birthday. Anyway, I didn't get anymore sleep last night, tonight will clearly be an early night.
Meanwhile, my students lost all of their privileges last week because they couldn’t behave properly for five minutes in a row. I told them as soon as they could behave for a single day, they could have them back and it took until Friday before they had any privileges. So Friday we got to watch Back to the Future II (because they wanted to, and they had the privilege of watching PG movies again). Today, clearly is Monday, and they nearly lost their privileges again. Those kids are punks. However, as soon as the oldest kids left, the rest of them shaped up pretty quick. Also, they picked me dandelions to put in my hair while we walked. Those kids are sweethearts. :)
BTW, tomorrow the Friends of the Lords Park Zoo is doing a mini-photo shoot in support of the zoo. If you’re interested, meet tomorrow at 4:30 in front of the Lords Park Zoo. I’m taking my class so they can learn about how individual people can get things done and civic responsibility and stuff. Or just so we don’t have to hang around our classroom. Whichever explanation you believe most.

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