Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tina's Daily Sheet

…so tired…must sleep…must blog…must choose…
I choose to blog in list form because it takes less time. At my work we have to write daily sheets for the tiny tots so moms and dads know what we did, and since I watched Nick today and wrote him a daily sheet, I’m writing me one too.
-4:40 A.M. look at clock and groan. Have not slept yet
-6:20 A.M. wake because mom uses the portable closets that are my bedroom walls as her closets for work clothes and she is up getting clothes for work, look at clock, realize I can sleep for another forty minutes, roll over
-6:27 A.M. wake because phone is ringing I have a very strict rule, if you call me before nine a.m., someone better be dying (anything less is not important enough and if they’re already dead I can’t do anything until businesses open anyway). It’s gram. “Goooogm—“ (translation- good morning gram.) “You have Nick today right?!” “Yes.” “Then you were awake right?” “No, don’t have him til almost eight.” “Oh, well…” she was calling to check that a) I got her house keys she left for me (she’s going out of town and needed someone to check on cats) and b) that I know the difference between house and care keys. As I am clearly over the age of five I do. I hang up.
-6:32 A.M. realize I will not be getting any more sleep before alarm goes off at seven, get out of bed. Do morning things (i.e. brush hair and teeth), do not get dressed to pick up one year old nephew
-7:15 A.M. drive aaaallll the way across town to get nephew, arrive twenty minutes early (a miracle since my usual departure time of 7:18 puts me five minutes late), read book club book but do not comprehend anything
-8:15 A.M. arrive home with nephew, prepare ridiculously healthful breakfast as am supposed to be good role model, he enjoys it so hooray for health
-9:00 A.M. practice walking (Nick not me), he will be able to do it alone soon. Teach Nick a new word (cool)
-9:15 A.M. Nick reaches in bag pulls out water cup, drinks and replaces cup where it was. Am so exhausted I think this is a milestone
-10:00 A.M. force nephew to take a nap, so that I can take one, he is tired so does not fight me
-12:00 P.M. wake, make healthful lunch (Nick literally picks the spinach off every single piece of whole grain mac and cheese he puts in his mouth-joy)
-1:30 P.M. brother arrives to care for his son (brings friend, despite knowing I am still in pjs), is mad at me because Nick wants me and not him, I go take shower and finally dress for the day
-2:00 P.M. reread book club book that I read in car, understand it this time. Continue reading until I finish
-3:30 P.M. get ready for big night out
-4:30 P.M. meet Kristin’s out of town friends to drive them to dinner and show (she’s in the show so she can’t drive them herself) but it's the Follies (AKA local fudnraise/variety show which is AWESOME)
-5:15 P.M. glory hallelujah arrive at restaurant for real grownup food (it’s Thai)
-5:40 P.M. finally order real grownup food
-6:15 P.M. am last of friends (there’s eight of us) to receive food, Kristin asks me to run to her house to get her ticket to her cast party because she forgot it
-7:00 P.M. go to Kristin’s house, her dad hassles me and I must run to get ticket and arrive at show in time to get nine tickets all together (added two more friends at the theater)
-7:45 P.M. sit down to be entertained, distracted by annoyance over debit card situation (see previous post) am sitting between two couples, which feels very awkward as other friends are all just friends and it’s less awkward to accidentally touch the thigh of friend than of friend’s boyfriend. Twice. In ten minutes.
10:30 P.M. meet Kristin to give her ticket to cast party even though she is coming with us to local bar for a while first. Accidentally grabbed raffle ticket and now must alter all plans so she can go home to get the real ticket. Am clearly a moron.
11:30 P.M. enter very loud local bar, starving but must order food within ten minutes or kitchen will close and I will not be able to drink (empty stomach + alcohol + driving out of towners back to house = danger). Agree to split spinach dip with friend and her boyfriend. Am clearly a moron as I get three pita chips and am still starving. Thankfully others ordered to much, so I graze. Out of towner tries to eat my hand when I eat a nacho
12:00 A.M. am dancing in chair and telling risqué stories in mixed company (usually wait for just girls first) only had one jack and coke, so am clearly not drunk
1:45 A.M. decide to leave bar for home. It is pouring outside and I get soaked on the way to car. Let out of towners into Kristin’s grandma’s house and get them settled. Think I will sleep, but instead check debit balance hoping for a miracle. Hopes cruelly dashed I decide to blog thinking it will take oh say five minutes. It is now a half hour later and I’m still writing.
End blog abruptly to post and go to bed. Night people!

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