Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Really Like Me As The School-Age Teacher!

Today I told my boss that I was planning on spending tomorrow morning (now that my kids are back to school, I’m back to reduced hours) looking for a second job. I wanted to know, only in the vaguest terms, if I should bother. Her response…
“If you want to work with two year olds, the hours will be yours. But… I really like you for the school-agers.”
Hello! I really like me for the school-agers too. I love my job for all the perks that I get that no one else gets. I want her to divide the hours so that I’m with the two year olds until 2:30 (when kindergarten gets out and I usually start working) then have the school-agers. Either way she has to hire a new person to work my hours, so why not make that person take the two year olds in the afternoon? Then in the summer (and days off) I take my kids and the new person takes the two year olds and I get the best of both worlds….Umm did anyone else just hear Hannah Montana when I said that? No? Just me? Okay then. Perhaps I should take those two year olds so I don’t have to watch her anymore.
Anyway. I guess she would have to find someone qualified to take the two year olds (which is harder than finding someone qualified to take my kids because the rules are more stringent), but who only wants part time hours and doesn’t mind not having her own class. I guess I can see the problem…but…I love my kids! And I loved the summer we just had. And so few of the school-age teachers my work has had, does stuff with them. I wish I could pick their new teacher, I guarantee I’d find someone awesome.

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