Thursday, August 19, 2010

McDonald's Man

Yesterday I went for frappes and fries with a friend from high school.  We were hanging out talking about…umm I don’t really even remember what when this man spoke up. We had been discussing controversial topics (religion and politics) because the only person in the area was a man with headphones on, so I assumed he wasn’t listening. Then, just as it was getting time that she needed to leave, the man took out his headphones and began talking to us. He told us that women aren’t leaders because God made man first and it’s God’s plan for women to be second. He also told us that child support is unbiblical. Not everything he said was troublesome to me (he did say that relationships are about the hard times, but then he made it seem like he thought “his woman” should put up with him being homeless and jobless and not doing anything about it, so…). He ended (at the point that both of us had to leave) by telling us that men have it harder than women in life. We just said that we had to go, and we walked out, but…
Later my friend emailed me that she was sorry about what that guy said. I replied…
Whatever friend, you didn't tell the weird guy to come to McDonald's today at six and put in his headphones, but not play any music and then listen to what we were talking about and pipe up with some random stuff about I don't even know what and yell at me that men have it harder than women and that child support is unbiblical. Whoa, I think I just wrote my next blog entry!
Anyway, she thought that I was “T.O.ed” about it and even posted on her blog that she thought I might have something interesting to say about it. Here’s what I have to say about it…Hey at least stuff happens to me. Sometimes I feel like people often challenge my opinions about politics or religion in this manner and it reinforces to me that I need to really pay attention to what’s going on in the world around me. I can’t just say random senseless stuff, because at any moment I might be called upon to back up my opinion and I can either have facts at my disposal, or I can sound ignorant. All of which goes back to the religious discussion that she and I had, which in part was about Christians witnessing to an atheist friend of ours and the friend witnessing back in his own way. As long as everyone is respectful and you have facts at your disposal, it’s fun. All that said, it’s better when it’s among friends, not a stranger telling me things that I just want to laugh at.

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  1. I'm glad you weren't "t.o.ed." You looked annoyed, but then... I was so ammused by it all, I'm not exactly sure WHAT happend. :)