Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tina has a big day

Today I bought a NOOK. I’ve been wanting it since it came out last Christmas, and I’ve been saving for it for months ($149 for the NOOK, plus almost $100 in extended warranty, fancy cover, and tax). When I got home I sat Niece and Nephew in front of the TV (which I NEVER do when I babysit) so I could play with my new toy. Niece told me it wasn’t much of a toy because she didn’t want to play with it. Also because it made me less fun (since I wasn’t playing with her). ANYWAY, I go digging through my bag, only to find out that I spent $244 and didn’t get a receipt! I called the store and they told me that they can look it up with my debit card, but now I’m a little worried that if something is wrong and I need to use that expensive warranty, they’ll tell me I don’t have it. If you want an e-reader, I’ve done the research, I’ve played with the big three on the field right now, and I promise you the NOOK is by far the best.
I also went to game night tonight. The woman who is in charge of my book club does this occasionally. Last time my friends and I disappeared upstairs to play a game at like eight and didn’t come down until close to eleven when we went home. It was very anti-social of us, because most of us hang out outside of game night and book club. Tonight we stayed on the main floor of the house. But nearly everyone else went downstairs to play Uno. We talked (religion, politics, you know the things you aren’t supposed to discuss), I told stories about McDonald’s Man and telling my kids about torture. Eventually we played two games of Scattegories and a game of Buzz Word, but we didn’t play nearly as many games as everyone else. If we spent more than half the night talking and not playing, can we still call it game night? Next week I’m going to another game night with four of the five other people I played with tonight, plus one other person. I’m pretty excited about it because game night is my favorite night.

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