Thursday, August 5, 2010

Things I Saw On Vacation

Now, I'll have real stories later, but right now I'm exhausted so I'm making this brief. Here's a list of AWESOME things I've seen since Saturday...

-the fact that my camp lake has sunk so far that the dock no longer reaches to the water
-a mosquito so big it left not just a giant red bump on my leg, it left a 3mm hole where the stinger thing was
-a hummingbird that I thought at first was a bee
-a pack of WOLVES. As in real life wolves
-a bald eagle
-a bear. A cute fuzzy young bear not twenty feet away from me and the dog. The dog thought it wanted to play with him.
-a bumper sticker that read "I brake for hobbits" complete with that symbol that the cast and crew of LOTR are rumored to have had tatooed on their bodies. I brake for hobbits too, especially if they look like Eljiah Woods ;)

And now I am going to go watch some TV, unpack, and reorganize my DVDS (which I find relaxing).
BTW, in case you couldn't tell, I'm home!!

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  1. Let's have a date soon so you can tell me more about these cool happenings. :) Glad you're home- safe and sound.