Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sleeping In

On Wednesday my kids went back to school and I started half-time hours. I didn’t have to go into work until 2pm. Tuesday night I made my bed (which I only do on special occasions) so that my bed would be super comfy since I could sleep in. I thought. I stayed up until almost 2am, well past when I wanted to go to bed (to make sure I could sleep in, since sometimes it’s hard to change when I wake up). Finally, I curled into my bed and dozed off. Eight o’clock Wednesday morning, my cell phone made my designated “you have a text” noise…

Kelly (my boss): Are u still able to come in at 9 today?
Me: …umm…didn’t realize I was supposed to
Kelly: Oh I had left a note and u wrote yes and put it on my desk…
its for [another teacher]… the rest of the week?

It turns out that I thought the note said “Can you work 9-6 on 8/27 [and other dates]?” and she thought it said “Can you work 9-6 through 8/27 [and other dates]?” We'll never know who's right, since the note is long gone. Anyway after anticipating and preparing for at least nine hours in bed, I had to get up after six. Plus, I had nothing for lunch because I was planning on making mac and cheese. Wednesday at work ROCKED.
Tomorrow I head out to another game night, this time in far enough away that we’re staying the night. Sunday we’re off to the zoo. I was supposed to help my SIL move, but she choose the one weekend I can’t. But just wait. After a long weekend, I’m preparing for ten hours in bed Sunday night/Monday morning. And it is gonna be GOOD!

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  1. yikes. sorry about that. hopefully your schedule didn't get too messed up. how confusing, tho!!!