Friday, August 13, 2010

Vacation Pics Part Two

I wanted to post some of the pictures from the vacation I took with my mom. Despite my complaining, it was special to me. The cabin we stayed at (belonging to my uncle) is where we went on vacation every year when I was a kid until I was 14 (when we stopped taking family vacations). My dad is buried up there, which is why we went when we went (my mom likes to be there for his birthday). So, enjoy these pictures.

This is the cabin my great-grandfather built. It has no running water, still uses an outhouse, and is three bedrooms, but I love it. Clearly so does my uncle, or he'd probably "improve" it.

This is the view from the one morning I was up in time for the "sunrise". Note it's still not really a sun rise, so much as a "the sun was still low on the horizon". I am not a morning person.

This is the lake at night, a view I much prefer over the early morning!

This is the lake. It literally takes 1.5 minutes to wake up in the morning, change from pjs to swim suit, brush teeth, and walk to the lake. In other words, it is close, which is a very good thing!

Neelix agrees with me that the water is very nice indeed. The two of us spent probably 80% of our waking moments in the water. He likes to play fetch, and it is super funny to watch him go galloping after the ball, chest deep in water, and suddenly step in the muck.

My other favorite thing to do up there is go for "romps" with the dog. I take his ball (we lost six tennis balls in five days OR three tennis balls in one day, whichever way you prefer because both are true) and we walk through the woods. This is partway through my favorite walk.

Same day, same walk, now with dog.

This is Blackwater Falls a water fall about ten minutes from the cabin. My mom apparently used to go there with my dad (which I don't remember AT ALL but whatever), so she wanted to go there. It was super hard to get to, especially with the dog (we couldn't leave him alone, remember the chewing?) leading the way. My mom can't hold him on his leash, but he's usually very good for me, and it's not really his fault that we were walking on slippery rocks all slanted at about an eighty degree angle, so... But I think it was worth it because it was so pretty.

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  1. I like it. Cool photos. :) Made for some great memories.

    PS: I spy your celebrity boyfriend. I failed to check on that before... he's, um, boyfriendish! :) Go you!