Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Jeans, Fun at Work, and Empty Wine Bottles

Last fall I spent ELEVEN shopping trips over SEVEN weekends to buy TWO pairs of pants for ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY dollars. It was terrible, and I was in tears by the time I bought them. It was December, and I’d been wearing one pair of jeans since it got to cold for shorts or dresses everyday. I could find jeans that fit at the waist, but they were two sizes to big in the hips, and three sizes to big in the thighs. This year I wised up and started early since I don’t enjoy wearing $60 jeans to teach preschool. Things get ruined all too easily there. Last night I cashed my first (and only) full time paycheck and got myself down to Burlington Coat Factory. No jeans, but two new sundresses I’d been wanting that had been $50 each were now marked down to $12. So, now that I was feeling pretty good, I walked to the Fashion Bug in the same shopping center. You guys, I LOVE Fashion Bug. Everything they sell, they have in both misses and plus, and they sell them together, so I don’t feel all segregated. Plus they have these buttons in the dressing rooms, one outside the door to page someone to let you in, and one inside the room. The inside one is so that you can buzz for someone to come get a different size or whatever. It’s nice. You know what else is nice? I got two pairs of jeans for $51. And there were several other pairs I liked, but I didn’t need more than two pairs for the moment. Hooray!!!
Friday I’m taking my class to Lincoln Park Zoo. Today I wanted to watch The Lightning Thief movie. We just read the book, but my kids don’t sit well, not to read books, not to watch movies. I may have accidentally given them the impression that going to the zoo depended on sitting quietly through the WHOLE movie. Turns out that movie has very little in common with the book, but when I really like a book (and I REALLY like that whole series) I want the movie to be different enough that it’s hard to compare the two. It was a good movie, and it was nice to get to watch the whole thing at work.
My class goes back to school next Wednesday. Which means I go back to half time hours. Which is nice on the one hand because I would like to sleep in again, but on the other hand, it’s a huge drawback in pay. Fortunately, there’s a rumor at work (confirmed by the co-worker but not the boss) that one of my coworkers will be leaving for greener pastures by the end of next month and I will be offered her hours. It would mean getting up even earlier because the coworker starts a half hour earlier than I do, but the benefits are huge (I could move out by early next year!!)
I ran out of my favorite wine. I bought several bottles, but only one from each winery we stopped at. My favorite is a spicy, sweet red from Contessa Winery called Dolce Vita. I’ve been drinking a glass almost every night for the last week. Today I poured the last few drops into my glass. I tell you this information less for your benefit than for mine. This way, when I have time to go back up there and buy a new bottle I won’t forget exactly what I want. Although, I really like everything I bought, so it’s possible when I open the next bottle that will be my new favorite. In which case when I run out of that, I’ll have to tell you about that bottle.

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    2) For house sitting/cat sitting for us next week, I shall pay you in wine... the wine on top of my fridge. Not sure what kind it is or if it's wonderful, but you'll know. :)