Monday, August 30, 2010

It's My Blog and I'll Politic If I Want To

Last month, a federal court in Alaska found that the Bush administration violated the law when it approved oil and gas leasing in Alaska's Chukchi sea without sufficient information and analysis about risks to the Arctic environment.

Yet, President Obama's administration has so far failed to revisit protections for the Chukchi - arctic waters off Alaska's coast and has asked the court in Alaska to allow activities that would pave the way for drilling to proceed, potentially jeopardizing an area key to the survival of not only polar bears, but also bowhead whales, Pacific walrus and other wildlife.

The courts and scientists have all said that more information is needed about the Arctic environment before we even consider drilling in its ice covered seas that are cloaked in darkness most of the year.

I just signed a petition telling President Obama to pull the illegal leases sold in the Chukchi Sea and halt seismic testing in the Arctic this summer.

Have a look and take action here. it's not hard, just a few basic questions (name, etc) and you too can sign the petition! (Note: both those links are to the same place, I just wanted to give you an extra chance to click.)

Also- credit where credit is due, I didn't write this post, I copied it from an email from CREDO.

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