Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Midsummer's Night Dream

In July my book club is reading A Midsummer’s Night Dream because we always read Shakespeare in July. So when the community college was showing A Midsummer’s Night Dream today, clearly a few of us decided to go see it. First we ate at the country club, because we are fancy. When we got there one other group was sitting down but by the time we got our food we were alone. And remained alone the whole time we were there. So of course we then thought perhaps the restaurant had closed and we were just sitting there making them stay late, but no, we were just the only losers eating lunch at one thirty on a Sunday afternoon. I made Best Friend admire my jewelry, which I made last night and which features some silver and bronze elephants because I have a new sarong with elephants. Anyway, I’ve never seen or read A Midsummer’s Night Dream before, and I am GLAD I saw it before I tried to read it. My experience with Shakespeare is that it’s better seen than read and this is especially true in a bedroom farce. If I was just reading it, I would never have been able to remember both men loved Hermia before Helena and I would have been confused.
Anyway, my mom and I went to the grocery store and completely disregarded her ex-boyfriend’s wants for once. This was nice because she broke up with him almost a month ago and yet he still lives in our house and acts like a jerk. We normally spend (when shopping for all three of us) over a hundred dollars per week. This week we each did our own shopping and while we can’t cook any sit down meals or anything, we will both be fed and happy for less than forty dollars. But ex-boyfriend gets mad about how much the grocery bill is. When that’s the only bill he pays at my house. And clearly, we can do it for less if he ate like one person instead of three. Kind of can’t stand that guy.
Question: How many skirts with elephants can one woman own before its excessive?
Answer: One, and that’s pushing it.

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