Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy weekend

Yesterday Best Friend and I took Niece and Nephew to the zoo. It was tons of fun, partly because Niece doesn’t know “Ms. Best Friend” very well so she wanted to hold my hand and made Best Friend carry Nephew in all the exhibits. This meant that Best Friend was completely exhausted when we got home and I was still feeling excited and energetic. You will, I’m sure, be pleased to learn that Nephew still knows the gorillas, and came even closer than “gerba” when he said “rilla”. He also learned “sheeee” while playing with the seals/sea lions in the underwater viewing space. I learned that if you save the tiger (my favorite animal, but kind of a boring zoo exhibit) for last, she has woken up and is playing. Nephew really seemed to like her so we watched for awhile and I told him stuff about the tiger and he learned to say “ger”. Also, he flat out refused to walk. He will stand, and he would walk if he could put his hand, however lightly, on something. He was clearly completely capable of walking, but he crawls faster than any kid I’ve ever seen. He literally crawls about as fast as Niece runs, so I think he didn’t want to slow himself down.
Today my SIL called me up to let me know he took his first steps. I told you he was capable. Yesterday crawling was more efficient and let me remain stable in the chaos of the park at the zoo. Today he was in his Sunday school class/nursery and he has older friends who walk, so he clearly needed to show them who’s the boss. I made SIL promise we would hang out this week so I could see because I won’t be able to babysit him on Saturday.
Also, I was supposed to get to see “The Mad King of Scotland” (AKA Macbeth) tonight. Sadly, it was not showing, perhaps because of poor attendance. So, if there’s community theatre near you, please go to see it, but I was PISSED to miss the Scottish play. And, also because I put on eyeliner to go out and wound up eating Thai food in my pjs, on my couch, watching The Secret Life of Elephants, Hancock, and Star Wars VI: The Return of the Jedi.

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  1. aw! hooray for fun zoo trips and that nick remembered the gerba! :)