Friday, May 14, 2010

Further Cell Phone Drama Now With Car Drama!!

For some reason the cell phone alarm that I set to go off at 9:30 went off at 9:00 but it wasn’t that big a deal because I had woken up ever forty minutes or so since 4:15 for no apparent reason. Stevo was upstairs (an hour early) so I dealt with getting him everything he needed to do my brakes and got ready to go to the cell phone stores with the SIL.
Sadly, Niece came with because she has her third ear infection of the year. So we went to Sprint, where they were very nice about us returning my phone and getting the contract all fixed. Then we lied and said we were going to get the new one at Radio Shack because they’re cheaper. All the way across town we went to Verizon where we got our phones buy one, get one free. And they were super nice because Brother didn’t want the BOGO phone and they gave us three BOGO phone and the stupid cheap phone he wanted for the BOGO price (a hundred bucks for one $120 phone and three $350 phones). So my cell phone bill tripled but now I can go online and I have a VERY nice phone for waaay less than my stupid cheap crap phone.

Also, Brother did not get the brakes done so I still can’t drive. I have to pick up Niece and Nephew in Mom’s car tomorrow (which they are not really allowed in because she smokes) because Brother couldn’t get the tire off.  Mom's BF got it off though so Brother is coming tomorrow on his way home from work to finish the brake job. Thank God!!!

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