Sunday, May 23, 2010

Traveling Vegetarianism

Friday was a friend’s birthday and since she lives over an hour away from me, my best friend and I decided to stay for the weekend. I decided to have my meat meal on Friday at the restaurant, but then I found out a) the restaurant had a portabella sandwich that sounded good and b) my friend bought steaks for dinner on Saturday night. So I decided to wait until the next day, and then since we ate lunch at a dinner that didn’t have a vegetarian choice (but did have AMAZING ice cream) it turned into meat day instead of meat meal. Anyway, even though I only decided to be a vegetarian on Monday, both my chili cheeseburger and my steak made me feel a little nauseated, so that was a little weird. We also planned on coming home on Saturday night because my friend is a teacher and her high school had graduation on Sunday. Somehow she got out of graduation, so we decided to stay and wound up having to run to Wal-mart (there aren’t many shopping choices in her small town) to pick up a few extra necessities we hadn’t brought. I went a little over budget, but it was super fun.
Also, we played The Game of Life, which I love. It was the oldest version and it was super fun. When I got married I said my husband was Chris O'Donnell (because another friend really likes Drew Fuller, so I didn't want to pick him and it had to be one of my TV boyfriends). I didn't realize everyone else would then want to name thier spouse when they got that far. Except for my friend's boyfriend. He thought it was awkward (they've been dating long neough people have asked) so he said he was marrying a pink peg. We laughed when he spun a ten and got no presents. Later he changed his mind and said his wife was Lois Lane. He then proceeded to name his children after hte Justice League and land on several spots where he got money for althetic fetes, so we told him he was clearly Bizzaro superman using his power for evil. Best friend wrote up some things she's going to chagne when she makes The Real Game of Life, so I'll let you know how that goes!
Tomorrow I go back to my normal life and hopefully stop craving Chicago style hot dogs!

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