Monday, May 3, 2010

Pay your bill you idiot!

So here’s what I learned today. If you don’t pay your bills, they will stop providing the service for you. For example, if you are for some reason an idiot you thought your bill was due on the fourth, and are way to lazy to pay it early, and then it turns out to have been due on the first when you try to get online on the third, you cannot. In fact you will get this stupid error message when you try to make your air card connect and it will take ten minutes before you realize, d’oh I should probably pay my bill. I am not that idiot of course. This never happened to me. I am of course talking about a friend.
In other news, screw the niece and nephew, I am going to the zoo by myself on Wednesday. It’s the last day of the members only bear grotto opening and my SIL said she doesn’t want to take the kids out of day care for the day (because it’s expensive), so WHATEVER I can go all alone. I might end up seeing the bears and everything in the dark rooms (because Naty is afraid of them) and then read until five, because I’m not driving forty five minutes to the zoo to not spend the whole dang day there.

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