Friday, May 14, 2010

Worst Day EVER!!!!

So I wake up early this morning because my little bro is coming over. He and I are going to the grocery store so I can cook him some bulk dinners to freeze. Then I put my feet down off my bed and…they’re all cold and wet. Why are my feet cold and wet at O’ early thirty? Because my basement has flooded and that’s where I live. So, my mom and I get to drying stuff and the ex-boyfriend (who is moving out on Saturday) comes down. He takes a look around, picks up his two boxes and sets them where it’s dry, and then goes to play video games. Nice.
Next I remember that the brakes on my car are completely shot. Like grinding and scary. I have no money, so my little brother is going to put on the new pads for me, but he can’t do it until Sunday. Which means I have to walk to work. In the rain. Along flooded sidewalks. Nice.
Then I get to work and I talk to my students about respect, which has been an ongoing lesson. Today we were writing posters reminding us what respect means, and seriously every time we mentioned a way to show respect, this kid would do the exact opposite. Respect means keeping your hand to yourself [punch]. Respect means not talking when someone else is talking [starts yelling]. Respect means being kind [tells another kids she’s ugly]. Nice.
So we start cleaning our room (to show that they can respect something even if it’s not me). And the same kid from above seriously wrings a wet cold sponge out on another kid’s back. Nice.
I have to get ANOTHER new cell phone, because the Sprint people screwed up. I told them not to mess with the contract at all and somehow it got renewed (it’s not under my name, so I shouldn’t have that power) and all my SIL’s upgrade stuff disappeared, but I didn’t get it because I paid $104 for a $20 phone. So, we’re making them fix it and then changing to Verizon tomorrow, which is a hassle. Nice.
Finally, I get home and there’s literally no food in my house. So I need to go out for dinner. But I can’t because I can’t drive my car and only Mom's BF is home. So I sit in the chaise until like eight starving and cranky but can’t do anything about it. Thank God mom came home early so I could get her to drive me to dinner (even though I still had to pay for my own).
Hope you’re looking forward to the drama of a new phone tomorrow, cause that’s what you’re gonna be reading!

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