Sunday, April 24, 2011

30 Days of Song- Day 11 (Also- Easter)

Day 11. Song from your favorite band- I don’t really have a favorite band, so I looked at the artist stats on my Windows Media Player. Toby Keith wins the contest of “artist who has the most minutes of music on my computer” so that’s who I picked a song from for today. Toby has a lot of pretty good ballady songs, and once I started writing a screenplay for a rom-com that could use only Toby Keith songs for the soundtrack. Pretty early on the hero was to realize he was falling in love with the heroine during a scene in which the song “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This” played. That is today’s song.

Also, I hope you had a nice Easter. I did. I spent the morning in church (I love Easter service), the afternoon with my best friend's extended family (running joke on holidays at this point- "She should just change her name at this point, we see her often enough"). When I got home, it was to a second Easter dinner with my family, my mom's boyfriend and his daughter, and a few of the boyfriend's friends. Also, my mom asked me what I think of the boyfriend. This would make me think she' pretty serious about the guy, except I already knew that because she almost never comes home from his place.

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