Monday, April 25, 2011

Book Club (and 30 Days of Song)

Tonight was book club night, which was great because I really needed some time with my friends. And although, I define the word "friend" more strictly than most people, I do have some friends that I really only see at book club. I didn't finish the book, although I will by the end of tomorrow night. Next week I'm leading the discussion on "Mansfield Park" at my Jane Austen Fan Club (totally different than book club-honest) so I prioritized that over book club's Band of Brothers. It turned out okay. Although my book club has a strict policy of discussing the book during book club, it's not a great book for discussion. You can't really ask something like "Artillery fire on fox holes- for or against?" and the book was really focused on broad sweeps of factual information, no more detailed than a grade schooler's social studies text. Sad!
30 Days of Song
Day 12. A song by a band you hate- yeah, sorry to punk out on this one, but I don't listen to music I don't like, so I literally don't know anything to put here.

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