Friday, April 29, 2011

Falafel (and Day 16)

Today I went out for lunch. This is something we do ALL the time at my work. Someone decides to go out, and takes orders from everyone, then they go get lunch. It usually takes 12-15 minutes depending on where you're going and who all ordered. Yesterday I got all kids of mad because the girl who went out was gone for 30 minutes getting Wendy's (yes, my diet lost to Wendy's this week-sad!). But then today I went to a new Middle Eastern place. My boss had been, and knew I was going (in fact she ordered a sandwich). She said nothing about how long it might take. I was gone FORTY-FIVE minutes!!! It's a two minutes drive from my work. On the other hand, the food was FANTASTIC and the reason it took so long was the man made everything right there while I watched. Between my co-workers, I ordered a falafel sandwich, 2 kabob sandwiches, 2 falafel appetizers, and 2 drinks. While I waited, the man gave me a piece of falafel to munch on, he "accidentally" made us an extra falafel sandwhich he just threw in for free, and instead of 4 falafel patties on teh appetizers, he gave us 5 (each). That makes a total of 6 free falafel patties, plus all the stuff on the sandwhich (pita, tahini, veggies, etc). Plus, the total was less than $20. So- if you live in my town, you should probably go there. It's called Babylon Kabob and it's in the little shopping center on 58 with the Little Ceasar's across the street from 7-11 and Jewel.
30 Days of Song- Day 16
A song I used to love, but now I hate- I used to love the song "15 Minutes of Shame" by Kristy Lee Cook, but now I'm bored by it. I think the problem is that it's like the first song on my mp3 player, so I hear it everytime I turn the thing on, plus it's the first song on my favorite mix CD so I hear it everytime I put that on, and I've just heard it to much lately. I imagine I'll like it again after I haven't heard it in awhile.

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