Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Plan!

I want to lose some weight. Although it might be better if I waited until after my friend’s wedding as my dress fits me now, I don’t care. I want the weight gone by the time I leave on vacation, or at least a good amount of it, and that means I have to start now, not in two months.
I made a good start today, by deciding to do something about it. Also by buying the stuff for good healthful salads for work lunches. Because if I have something yummy, I won’t be tempted by the Wendy’s five blocks away right? I also picked up some good fruit for snacks and side dishes, and a few potatoes (because if there are no carbs to go with my salads, I will fall to Wendy’s in less than three days) to bake and eat with that butter flavored yogurt I like. All that plus the yogurt I already eat for most snacks, some multi-grain cereal for breakfast, a shiny new water bottle to encourage water drinking, and some 100% juice for when water gets boring, and I spent a lot of money on this crazy scheme. So that “solves” the whole “eat healthier and reduce your caloric intake” part of weight lose.
The hard part for me is the “exercise and increase your caloric output” part. I have a hard time finding the motivation to workout. I don’t take workout classes because they’re expensive, and I get self conscious in the classroom with strangers. Sometimes I take the dog for walks, which I’m only motivated to do because I can listen to my mp3 player, but I want to do more. The dog is just excited to go for a walk, but he can’t make me walk longer or faster. I have some workout DVDs that I used to do sometimes, but I got bored alone in the basement jiggling my body along to whatever tiny little person was on my TV. Plus those people freak me out, because they’re tiny and can do scary things with their bodies that I can NOT do, and then I feel like an idiot for thinking I can, and then I run away from the TV in shame. But, I only run as far as my bed (which is where I my nightstand with the Oreos in it is), so that’s not very helpful.
So, what I need from you is twofold (after you laugh at me). I need some ideas for how to eat healthier, but cheaply and without getting bored. Boredom --> Wendy’s. I also need some thoughts on workouts that I’ll be motivated to do without having to stare at my jiggly bits in the mirror for 20 minutes first.

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  1. I completely agree with you about not wanting to do the workouts with the video people... or really, in a class full of people.

    I think the groceries you picked up are great! I don't know that I have any advice for you. :( All I can think of is just to remember your body will thank you later. Jeff and I have been eating some more organic things lately. I've been shocked at how good it tastes (and how pure!). It's expensive, but my body will feel better in the long run, I believe. Hang in there and keep up the good work! :)