Saturday, April 23, 2011

30 Days of Song- Days 9 & 10

Sorry, I didn't have a chance to do this yesterday :(
Day 9. A song you can dance to- "Stop! In The Name of Love" by Diana Ross and the Supremes. This is on my "safe for work dance mix" and my kids love it. When I was in high school choir, the senior girls always sang a song together at our last concert of the year. The year I graduated, this was the song that we did, so now I know like an entier choreography for it. Of course it's nearly impossible to get a Youtube video of the real thing now that Glee! did it (I only know that because of all the Glee! videos I had to sort through to get this one), but I did get it for you.

Day 10. A song that makes you fall asleep- assuming this means something that relaxes me not something that bores me, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, especially the Autumn Movement

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