Wednesday, April 13, 2011

30 Days of Song- Day One

So just so Sarah knows I didn’t steal this from her- Sarah, even though much of the idea of this is the same as what you wrote, I really feel this way, and I didn’t steal it, okay? Like Sarah, much of my life is about music. I love music. I sing almost everything. My small children at work literally hear music from the time I get there until I leave. I’m either playing a cd, or we’re singing a song, or I’m singing to them. Our group time is like 90% singing songs I made up to teach concepts. The thing I miss most about church is the singing. I miss being in college choir more than most of the college friends I don’t see anymore. I love music. So when Sarah blogged about doing this 30 Days of Song thing, I wanted to play too.

Day 1. Favorite song- Wow! This might actually be the hardest question on what I’ve seen of the list so far. The other items are all more specific. My favorite song changes based on my mood, and what I’m doing, and how I want to feel. One of my favorites is “Sweet N Sassy” by I5. I like it because it’s the overall message is that women can be strong without needing a man, but that they can be strong WITH men too. My favorite line, about a minute and half in is “I will be there for him, just as strong as he will be there for me. When I give myself, then it has got to be an equal thing.” I don’t like it when women act weak around men, and I don’t like t when women act like they can only be strong by making men weak. We can both be strong. Men and women are different, and we each have different strengths, but we make each other better.

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