Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Senator Mark Kirk- making political activism complicated since 2010

Senator Mark Kirk- making political activism complicated since 2010
I get a lot of political email. Quite a bit of it is lobbyists for groups I support asking me to sign petitions. I almost always click the link and sign, but now instead of getting a “thanks for your support” page like I used to get, I get this notice
“Senator Mark Steven Kirk (R-Illinois) requires that you provide this additional information in order to communicate via email….
*Phone Number___________________________”
So, I dutifully, although aggravatedly, type in my phone number, expecting my “thanks for your support” page. And despite the additional effort I’ve put into contacting Sen. Kirk, I now read,
“Your message was not sent to the following decision makers:
Senator Mark Steven Kirk - Senator Kirk will not accept email messages unless they are sent using this web form.”
So now, I’ve taken the time to type in my phone number to contact him and failed to do so. How many people do you think now take the step of copying the information and going to his form to email him? I’m guessing not many. So in addition to doing that, I flood his office with phone calls. “Senator Kirk, I’m calling about [whatever my issue is]. As your constituent, I would urge you to [whatever I want him to do. Explain why]. I’m calling you because I was unable to simply sign the petition on this matter, because you require an additional form. Thank you for your time and service.” Man, that guy must HATE me and I feel like a jerk- but at least I know he’s heard what I think!

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