Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Great Weekend

You know on Friday night when I was sitting in the car waiting for Kristin to come out of her workshop, I wrote about my regrets, the things I wish I could change. But I didn’t write about what a great weekend I had, or all the amazing things I wouldn’t change. Friday was super fun, because I had the day off work and so I got to sleep in a little. Then I had lunch with my friend Sarah, and that was great! She cooked for me, which was super nice because I am usually cooking for someone else, rarely does anyone cook for me. And it was great! She made one of my favorite meals (completely on accident even!)- chicken with fried zucchini and pasta salad. And she made me some soup to take home, which was extremely delicious when I ate it today. After I left Sarah’s I drove up to Wisconsin (Whitewater), which is where the college is located. That was also pretty nice, since I was alone I got to listen to only the music I wanted, as loud as I wanted. Thank goodness for my mp3 player! Saturday I was hoping to meet up with some family, but they weren’t available :( Instead I did a little antiquing and then I went to look at some Indian Mounds. Here’s what I know- I followed the signs that said Indian Mounds --> I was on “Indian Mound Dr” passing roads like “Turtle Mound Ct” but it was completely flat. I ran out of signs pointing me towards mounds, and I never saw anything that could have been a mound. I think they paved them over to build the subdivision I was driving through. Which- would you live in one of those houses? Because I’ve seen Poltergeist, and no, no I would not. (Actually I wouldn’t for the sheer fact that they paved over history for yet another subdivision, not for fear of being haunted.) I also did some shopping at the conference vendors and bought some jumbo dice that are super fun in my class. We roll them and then practice counting the dots. On the way home, I had Kristin with me and we listened to her new CD. It’s a CD for teachers, but not really for classroom use, with songs like “I’m A Teacher, Not A Babysitter” and “Use Your Words”. And we concocted a plan for a girls’ weekend in a few weeks. We asked a bunch of our friends to go with us to St. Joseph, MI for some wine tasting, swimming in Lake Michigan, and pizza at the best pizza place I know of. Even Sunday was fun, because I went out for brunch with my friend Leah. We went to one of my favorite brunch places and had mimosas with brunch, while we talked about boys, books, and other necessities of life. Overall, despite my regret-filled post from Friday night, I had a great weekend! Just thought you might like to know that :)

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  1. Now THAT sounds super fun. :) And hello? Where were the mounds? What a rip off! lol...